Completed mix and recording video

Our Pagan Hearts Reborn has been mixed! Upcoming 2 weeks we will be recording the video for “Spirit, we are One”. News about this video will come soon!

Recording Our Pagan Hearts Reborn

It has been a while since the last news post, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy! Mid June Jark had the privilege to start the recordings of our new album: “Our Pagan Hearts Reborn”. Meanwhile, all instrument have been recorded and we’re just laying down the final vocal parts. This month, band members of (former band) Vanir, Conorach and Baldrs Draumar join us in recording war screams. For this album we added some new instruments: high and low whistles and cello (Tessa) and Bodhrán (Tim van der Ham). We’re absolutely thrilled about the recordings so far and we hope to release “Our Pagan Hearts Reborn” on April 5th 2013. Keep an eye on our website to stay up to date on the progress of our new album!